Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here's for the Thumb

Medical Intuition Update: I posted last week about Medical Intuition Made Easy, which was a post inspired by the new book of one of my favorite spiritual teacher's (and medical intuitive) Christine Lang. In it, I described the biggest symptom my Spirit sent me two weeks ago, which was that my mouse thumb stopped working. This is my right thumb, which I use to operate my roller ball mouse.

I am happy to report that I am doing much, much better. My chiropractor gave me some great advice about always having my elbows resting on the surface. You know, ironically, I was keeping my elbows off the table so that I could keep my back straighter ... like he asked me to! OY!

I also changed my desk around a bit. These changes and the fact that I got my Spirit's message have resolved the problem. And that is the key to understanding how you can heal with energy and spiritual understanding. You take action steps yes, but you also recognize the learning, which removes the need for the symptom. It's the two together that make the difference.

So many times, as Christine describes so well in her book, people take action steps without getting the message, which means that the Spirit will not let go of the symptom.

Your Spirit uses whatever is getting your attention to communicate and, unfortunately, physical pain gets your attention in a way that nothing else does. I knew that I was working too much. I kept telling myself to slow down, that it wasn't good for me. And .... and ... I didn't do anything to stop working or slow down.

But, when I saw that thumb shaking on its own and couldn't get control of it ...

1) I physically couldn't work any more.
2) And had to think about the consequences of not changing my attitude and behavior. Actually, not think, but feel those consequences; as if to say, "Do you see where this is going? You want to be injured permanently?"

My whole attitude has changed for the better. It was the shift that needed to happen, but the shift I had refused to do up until that point.

Was there a physical problem exacerbated by the way I was sitting and working? Yes. However, I have sat in much worse positions for much longer without experiencing those consequences. Losing control of my thumb was my Spirit stepping in to say, "Cut! End scene. You might want to re-write this sitcom."

I call moments like my temporary loss of thumb control getting clonked in the head by Spirit. My Spirit had tried everything else. When all else fails, it's time for the D word - Drastic.

I emailed Christine my blog post about the thumb and we chatted a bit. She mentioned how Spirit had clonked her in the head a few times recently too. It's just part of being human.

I just thank Source that I am intuitive myself and have found such excellent teachers to help me navigate these experiences.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Exploding Exfoliant

It happened again....

Or should I say, I did it again.

I bought a skin care kit on QVC. I turned on the TV and there it was: an exfoliant being rubbed on the back of the host's hand ... again. When is something not being rubbed or displayed on the back of someone's hand on QVC? But I digress.

I have been a QVC shopper since high school. I was recruited by my older sister with a 60-inch silver rope necklace that I do still have but have only worn about three times over the past 20+ years. Now that I think of it, that necklace was the perfect introduction to QVC!

After many mistakes and impulse buys, I have got it narrowed down to two things (for the most part): skincare and make-up. And, I buy a lot of it. I can't be alone because every woman I meet (with good skin and make-up) inevitably tells me she's a QVC shopper.

And a note about the clothes: only Sports Savvy. Clothes are on HSN. Digression the second.

Now, I have my regular skincare on auto-delivery, but the one on the TV just now had an exfoliant! And that takes me to the back to the "incident" that occurred on the way back from my last business trip.

So, by now I have learned how get everything - including exfoliant - into my carry-on. As I was in line at the security gate and pulling out all my toiletries, I realized that one of the plastic bags was dripping. One of the plastic containers had exploded and was dripping all over me and the floor. Fair enough.

So, I wiped everything down as best I could and jammed everything into the trays and got ready to walk through, except this time I asked to waive the full-body X-ray tube. With everything I'd been hearing about them and the fact that this was my 10th or 12th flight in six weeks, I thought I would avoid another scan. Also, they always pat me down anyway. I think it's because my clothes are so loose and made of that slinky, somewhat reflective fabric ... courtesy of HSN I just realized. :)

So, I thought, in the way of all stupid ideas, "Why not?"

Well, one thing I didn't know is that when you refuse the X-ray tube, they pull everything you're carrying out, swab it, and run it through some kind of device that looks like Q invented for James Bond in 1965. This, in addition to the pat down I was used to.


The story gets interesting here because they found something on the Bond device. There is nothing quite like having airport security stick a swab from your bag into that ... whatever that was ... and seeing it come back red saying, "EXPLOSIVE DETECTED."

Speaking of explosive, the praying started immediately ... mostly to ward off another explosion .... of fear-induced diarrhea. They swabbed my clothes and my bags and brought out the second Bond Connery-style device and again and again, "EXPLOSIVE DETECTED."

It's amazing how security people won't look at you or talk to you like a person when you're sitting in the chair while they swab and check, swab and check. You're a suspect, an other, not to be trusted. I tried to say that one of my toiletries had exploded, but they looked right through me.

They took me to the special room for criminals while they waited for the "explosives expert." I did see a few signs from my angels in the form of yet another penny when I looked into the same spot where there hadn't been one before. Somehow, I knew I would be alright, but still .... anxiety! And prayer. Anxiety and prayer, the story of my life.

In the secret room, I got yet another pat down, then waited. When the explosive expert arrived, of course he was hot. I was living my nightmare of being rescued by a hot EMT ... only this time I would be interrogated and arrested by a super hot, muscled national security cop.

Seriously, why can't any chubby ugos go into Security (or rescue)? As a chubby ugo myself, I would appreciate the option of being arrested by one of my own kind. Kind of the way they ask if you have a preference for a male or female massage therapist at the spa. That seems fair to me. But I digress yet again.

Somehow, either because the security people did listen to me or were just smarter than I thought, they isolated the almost empty bottle of exfoliant. There is stood alone in the tray alone in the room with me.

As one of the female flight security people (TSA?) opened the door again for the hot explosives expert, he looked at me, pointed to the offending plastic bottle and said, "Don't ever bring that on a plane again."

So that was it. Great. Made it through without any uncontrolled bowel movements and I'm an upstanding member of society again.

However, I also exfoliate my face with an explosive everyday. Ummmm.....

I will never forget that just before I left the "room" and was packing up all my stuff again, the female security person pointed to one of my clear, plastic toiletry bags to asked me how I liked my eye cream .... which I bought on QVC of course. I told her I liked it, especially in California where it was so dry blah, blah, blah.

My life tends to be full of the surreal and the ridiculous .... and prayer, lots of prayer and asking for assistance. And that assistance always comes through!

After arriving home, I remember going to the beach one day and, as the water was crashing over my face and I was wiping it off, all I could think was, "Damn! It might be an explosive, but my face is as smooth as a baby's butt."

Still, I have really been hoping to find an exfoliating solution that would not run me afoul of airport security again.

Hence, my experience tonight with the 20th anniversary skincare package on QVC tonight. I was going to complain about there being no ingredient list on the web site for me to check ... until I realized that I have no frikkin' idea what ingredient is the explosive in my current exfoliant.

The new exfoliant should be here in a few days. Wish me luck!

And, next time, I'll just stand in the X-ray tube.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Medical Intuition ... the Easy Way

One of the greatest teachers I have ever worked with is Christine Lang. She just wrote a fantastic book about being a medical intuitive. Knowing Christine, I was expecting it to be good, but have you ever noticed that "good" when it comes to spiritual books feels so .... well, heavy. Hard to read. Difficult.

Mark Twain once said that he never wanted to write a classic because classics are books that everyone wants to say that they've read but no one actually wants to read. Well, we've got to come up with some kind of saying like that for spiritual books - the kind of books you know you should read but absolutely dread reading.

Well, Christine's book was even better than I expected, which is saying a lot because it's the opposite of the "classic" spiritual book. Easy, clear, and totally applicable to every day life. Ever since Anatomy of the Spirit (by Carolyn Myss) -- a true classic as defined above -- books about medical intuition tend to be written by nurses and PhD's and are frankly like torture to read. I'm still waiting on the college credits for having read Carolyn Myss ... as well as reimbursement for the migraine medication.

By way of contrast, Christine's book is honest, funny, and easy to read and understand. And, as I said earlier, applicable to your daily life. As such, since reading her book, I've been focusing on how our Spirit's communicate through physical symptoms. I have a whole stockpile of stories waiting to blog, but .... my work life seems to be sucking the life out of me.

Speaking of which, I had the doozy of all symptoms/messages last week. Wednesday or Thursday of last week, I lost control of my right thumb. Lost. Control. It was shaking so badly that I couldn't do anything with it.

I should clarify that I use a trackball mouse where I operate the ball part with my right thumb. So, no thumb, no work - day job and blogging. It scared the hell out of me! It still does. I've never lost control of a body part like that ... well, except when skiing or doing yoga .... you know, when I was asking my body to do something stupid and ridiculous and impossible or something NO ONE SHOULD EVER DO and then there's yoga. But I digress.

My shaking thumb was a wakeup call about how much work I've been doing. I know that things like that can happen from too much repetitive stress, but I think it was a big message to pull back, which I have.

There will always be impossible deadlines and fucktards who impose them. There is no getting around it in IT; it's fucktard central after all.

For years, I have struggled with how to handle it. Saying, "My workload is too heavy" doesn't matter when everyone works 12 hours a day. Say it and you're the problem. My approach has been to work to the point where I can sleep at night and pray that the deadline slips ... because it always slips.

I don't know anyone who handles it well.

For now, I slacked off on Friday big time. I worked an hour on and an hour off, so I could ice my shoulder and hand. I bought a big monitor to help with the slouching and need to rearrange my desk to be better for my arms.

It was a huge wake-up call from my Spirit that I needed.

And go buy Christine's book!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you, Spirit! I needed that.

This post is going to feel a bit like a Jimmy Fallon Thank You note ... and it is!

I was about to blog about how I'm just not feeling that funny lately. My new job is overwhelming me a bit and today my mouse thumb (I use a rollerball mouse.) literally started twitching uncontrollably because every tendon in my mouse arm is inflamed.

Then, THEN, I went to mail a belated birthday card and get my mail. In the mail was a nightgown I had ordered from Amazon. This nightgown was supposed to be a little more - ahem - youthful and - ahem ahem - sexy-ish sort of.

I'm prepping for a man, you see. A man I keep being told I am going to meet soon and marry. (Seriously, I have had three different readings tell me that this guy is on his way.) So, going on the theory that the best defense is a good offense, I thought I would order some decent nightgowns.

The nightgowns I currently own ... honestly, a boy scout troop could pitch a tent under them. (And I didn't mean that to come out as pervy as it did.) Let's just say if I stand really straight, I would look like a miniature circus tent.

So this one has some lace on top and is a little tighter, but still nice and long for the coverage.

I offer that context because what came sliding out of the package after the nightgown was a subscription offer for a free wig catalog and an application to the AARP.

OK, now THAT'S funny! What demographic are these nightgowns in exactly? You'd think I'd ordered a mu-mu and curler set.

Thank you, Spirit. I needed that laugh.

And I'm sending the nightgown back ... but I may get the wig catalog just to see what other offers come with it. It might be time for a caftan!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Following My Intuition ... and Not

So, today was one of those days where I felt like doing nothing. I just realized today that it's my first full week back home without the need to fly out again. Well, that makes me feel better about the somewhat ill-conceived day I had.

It started with Oprah and her damn Super Soul Sunday. Turning that on first thing in the morning is a guarantee that you won't do anything all day. Although, today was Deepak Chopra and ... I have no interest in watching him. There is a whole story behind it that just came flooding back, which I will blog about another time. Bottom line: He taught me a lot, just not anything he intended to teach.

Anyway, it was the Where are They Now? show that she runs marathon-style after that that got me ... got me on my butt on my couch. I just had that feeling that I didn't want to leave the house. You know? I kept looking outside at the gorgeous Florida day and feeling like I should go out there though.

It all goes back to my father, who used to walk around the house griping, "What am I raising here?!" He always used to say it when we didn't want to go jogging, play tennis, or talk about books. I always got the impression that he thought we were lazy and it made me feel worthless. It didn't really matter that I was taking college courses in high school, raising a little sister, and working a part-time job. If I didn't want to play tennis, I was lazy.

That horrible feeling of worthless shame has many times pushed me to do things that go against my intuition. Whenever I feel that shame spiral start swirling, I get up and do something even if it goes totally against my intuition. Given that I am a natural-born and trained intuitive, this struggle has led me to do some really stupid things, I realize.

Today, that was going out to the beach around 3:30-4p,m, because I had been inside all day on a nice sunny day when I should be outside, exercising or beaching or something. All I really felt like doing was staying inside and watching movies and TV shows. I had put on my bathing suit around 1 and just dawdled until 3 because my gut instinct was to stay home.

Feeling lazy and the associated shame creeping up, I went to the beach. It was lovely, I have to say. The past 8 weeks in Florida have been like monsoon season in India ... or whatever that must feel like. It rains constantly and is overcast all the time. Hence, my desire to take advantage of a sunny day.

Well, as I said, the beach was lovely - the water calm, people leaving so it wasn't too crowded. I decided to go for a walk down the beach and it was lovely. I think I was there maybe 20 minutes when it started to get cloudy. I felt like I should just leave, but ... I needed to exercise. Dad's voice. Dad's voice. Dad's voice.

I did turn around at least and the rain hit ... like a monsoon. I was so far from my chair that there was no point in running back towards it. I was feeling like I should really just go, but I forced myself to not be a worry-wart and just relax. I even swam a little.

I have to say that heavy rain over the green, calm water in that twilight-like light of a Florida storm was beautiful ... and would have been more so if the rain wasn't pelting me like hail.

So thoroughly soaked and standing by my chair, I didn't pack up right away even though I was feeling like I should go, I kept looking at the sky and seeing a clearing in the clouds just off in the distance.

Finally, a big bolt of lighting stuck about 75 feet in front of me and I was like, "Alright, it's time to go." 75 feet sounds far, but when it's lightening, it's not far at all.

The point is - I have so many stories like this: where I didn't follow my intuition and suffered the consequences. I tend to follow intuition when I can see the logic of it ... which is very foolish even though it sounds smart. I didn't want to be "lazy" and I didn't want to do something foolish. However, getting struck by lightening on the beach is just about as foolish as you can get!

Intuition, divine guidance, and connection to Source are not logical and that is a hard thing to reconcile in this 3D world.

Just recently, I did follow an illogical intuition and it worked out amazingly, in a way that logic could never have anticipated (foreseen? predicted? what's the verb?).

I was in my hotel and I felt so strongly and heard my Spirit tell me to go across the street to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. As I was procrastinating, waiting for some email or other, the feeling kept growing and becoming more intense to go across the street to the Mexican place. I remember saying out loud, "Alright, I just need to wait for ... (I don't remember now)."

Finally, I went to the Mexican place even though the email or whatever hadn't come through. When I got to the bar, in it were all the people I had been having meetings with all week. They were just being taken to their table, so I only had a few brief moments with them. If I had listened to my intuition sooner, I could have hung out with them for a while and who knows what would have come of that.

Logic isn't going to give you that kind of information, only Spirit can.

The key is not letting logic and childhood issues get in the way of it. It's a lesson I have had to learn so many times. I really want to get better at this.

There is a reason that intuitives who aren't very intellectual are often better at following Guidance.