Friday, May 31, 2013


Setting up a blog is truly a pain in the ass. As a technical writer by trade, I cannot express how much it galls me to see a setup this bad and help with no instructions.

How can you have help with no instructions?

Easy, let the Dbags in marketing review your work, tell you it's too long, and try to pitch features and bullets, which they then force you to put in the instructions. What you wind up with is a help page that contains the following sentence:

"Google+ pages interact in the Google+ world similar to the way that regular Google+ profile owners do"

Uhhh.... which means what exactly? I have set up a page and I can't seem to do anything with either of them ... even track comments. I can't even figure out how to tell people there's a new post.

Thinking about all this is giving me PTSD. See why I needed a spiritual path?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The quest for God and all the funny shit that happens along the way

This blog is about my life. Specifically, about my spiritual path. However, as I can no longer tell the difference between "being on a spiritual path" and just being human ... I guess it's just about me and all the ridiculous, hilarious, and profound things I've experienced in my quest for Creator.

There are two things that define me: I'm really funny (ok, sarcastic) and really spiritual. Typical Sag, right? (That's "Sagittarius" for the uninitiated - look it up.) The funny part - most people know. The spiritual part - I have tried to keep hidden for much of my life because, well, people get weird about G-o-d. However, if I am ever going to be a whole person, it's time to put them together.

I have always felt too sarcastic to be spiritual and too spiritual to be sarcastic - the mean kind of sarcastic anyway. No matter how much I mediate and pray, I'll just never be Doreen Virtue. I'll never be able to sit through a drum circle with a "shaman" (whose really a white lady in Native American drag with no sense of rhythm) without making jokes and laughing. I couldn't even get through the description without doing it! On the other hand, I respect every drag queen's search for Source. Shake that rattle off the beat, sista!

Disclaimer: I would like to state that I am a true believer. I have been profoundly intuitive and psychic since I was a child and have been actively studying meditation, energy healing, connecting to Source, and angel healing consciously for the past 15 years. Despite my sarcasm, I would never mock or disparage Creator, the angels, my spirit and universal selves, my guides, or all the beings of light from Source that have and continue to support and sustain me.

As much as this is a "spiritual" blog, it's about human beings and humans being spiritual ... whatever that means ultimately. Let's face the music and dance: we are pretty ridiculous in a contradictory world stumbling and fumbling for the Light. As much as I'd like to think my path is a beautiful modern dance, the reality is more like Prancercise, camel toe and all.

Namaste (no really - I don't have an OM tattoo or anything, I swear!)