Friday, October 25, 2013

You're Not Helping

I recently saw a popup ad for a workshop called "From Burnout to Brilliant!" and I need to vent a bit.

If you write this or sell this, you are no healer and belong in the "You're not helping" file. As a recovering burnout, I can speak with some authority, burnouts need rest not more pressure to be "brilliant". How do you think they burned out in the first place, genius?!

While I'm on this theme, here are some other words that are off-limits when working with people who are burnt out:

  • Achieve
  • Accomplish
  • Goals
  • Make it happen
  • Any derivation of "you can"
  • And any other achieve-y kind of word that comes out of the mouth of a motivational speaker
It's the achieving, the accomplishing, the goals (which are just a "motivational" way of saying "duties"), the making it happen, and the can-doing that turn up the heat until you burn out.

Here are the words you should use if you want to remove yourself from the "You're not helping" file when working with people who have burnt out:
  • Rest
  • Release
  • Acceptance
  • Limits
  • Boundaries
  • Delegating
Honest to God! Does this woman look sane?

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