Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you, Spirit! I needed that.

This post is going to feel a bit like a Jimmy Fallon Thank You note ... and it is!

I was about to blog about how I'm just not feeling that funny lately. My new job is overwhelming me a bit and today my mouse thumb (I use a rollerball mouse.) literally started twitching uncontrollably because every tendon in my mouse arm is inflamed.

Then, THEN, I went to mail a belated birthday card and get my mail. In the mail was a nightgown I had ordered from Amazon. This nightgown was supposed to be a little more - ahem - youthful and - ahem ahem - sexy-ish sort of.

I'm prepping for a man, you see. A man I keep being told I am going to meet soon and marry. (Seriously, I have had three different readings tell me that this guy is on his way.) So, going on the theory that the best defense is a good offense, I thought I would order some decent nightgowns.

The nightgowns I currently own ... honestly, a boy scout troop could pitch a tent under them. (And I didn't mean that to come out as pervy as it did.) Let's just say if I stand really straight, I would look like a miniature circus tent.

So this one has some lace on top and is a little tighter, but still nice and long for the coverage.

I offer that context because what came sliding out of the package after the nightgown was a subscription offer for a free wig catalog and an application to the AARP.

OK, now THAT'S funny! What demographic are these nightgowns in exactly? You'd think I'd ordered a mu-mu and curler set.

Thank you, Spirit. I needed that laugh.

And I'm sending the nightgown back ... but I may get the wig catalog just to see what other offers come with it. It might be time for a caftan!

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