Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here's for the Thumb

Medical Intuition Update: I posted last week about Medical Intuition Made Easy, which was a post inspired by the new book of one of my favorite spiritual teacher's (and medical intuitive) Christine Lang. In it, I described the biggest symptom my Spirit sent me two weeks ago, which was that my mouse thumb stopped working. This is my right thumb, which I use to operate my roller ball mouse.

I am happy to report that I am doing much, much better. My chiropractor gave me some great advice about always having my elbows resting on the surface. You know, ironically, I was keeping my elbows off the table so that I could keep my back straighter ... like he asked me to! OY!

I also changed my desk around a bit. These changes and the fact that I got my Spirit's message have resolved the problem. And that is the key to understanding how you can heal with energy and spiritual understanding. You take action steps yes, but you also recognize the learning, which removes the need for the symptom. It's the two together that make the difference.

So many times, as Christine describes so well in her book, people take action steps without getting the message, which means that the Spirit will not let go of the symptom.

Your Spirit uses whatever is getting your attention to communicate and, unfortunately, physical pain gets your attention in a way that nothing else does. I knew that I was working too much. I kept telling myself to slow down, that it wasn't good for me. And .... and ... I didn't do anything to stop working or slow down.

But, when I saw that thumb shaking on its own and couldn't get control of it ...

1) I physically couldn't work any more.
2) And had to think about the consequences of not changing my attitude and behavior. Actually, not think, but feel those consequences; as if to say, "Do you see where this is going? You want to be injured permanently?"

My whole attitude has changed for the better. It was the shift that needed to happen, but the shift I had refused to do up until that point.

Was there a physical problem exacerbated by the way I was sitting and working? Yes. However, I have sat in much worse positions for much longer without experiencing those consequences. Losing control of my thumb was my Spirit stepping in to say, "Cut! End scene. You might want to re-write this sitcom."

I call moments like my temporary loss of thumb control getting clonked in the head by Spirit. My Spirit had tried everything else. When all else fails, it's time for the D word - Drastic.

I emailed Christine my blog post about the thumb and we chatted a bit. She mentioned how Spirit had clonked her in the head a few times recently too. It's just part of being human.

I just thank Source that I am intuitive myself and have found such excellent teachers to help me navigate these experiences.

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